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£1588.50 so far

My feet withstood the 5 miles along the Gannel better than I expected. My body withstood the 5 miles along the Gannel better than expected.The weather was as good as expected and the company was exceptional, a few more than expected.

Early this morning I was pinged a photo of the moonset. I had a good feeling about today but first I had to get to my surgery for a blood test. They always make me wait but today I was called in early and I had an unscheduled flu jab as well. For once the health service gods were smiling on me.

We had arrived at the scheduled location in good time. We gathered, all 25 of us, (almost 28 but a few playing catch up simply didn't catch up) and one that met us at the halfway point. That makes 29 and four dogs.

We were all at the closed Beachcomber Cafe ready for the off. 10am arrived. On your marks, get set, No! Wait a minute my phone rings. It's my consultant from the hospital. My scheduled 10:30 telephone appointment was early. Good timing, 10 minutes later and this time we're off.

I can only say here that the walk was fantastic, some of the paths I hadn't walked for almost 40 years. A real trip down memory lane.

This is the point where I could tell you all about the actual walk but I'm not. For those that joined us, you all know how it was and for those that weren't there, here's a few photos.

Walk completed, all 5.54 miles (according to Garmin) and we all went our separate ways. Well all but 10 of us who had an impromptu picnic in the dunes.

The high points included,

Talking to Lauren and 4 of her friends who were simultaneously walking at 8pm (in the dark) in Sydney.

Getting messages from another sister walk happening in Walton on Thames and raising a shed load of money.

And all because someone thought it would be a good idea to walk around the Gannel to raise some money for Bowel Cancer UK.

Thank you Emma!

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