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18th edition 19/3/20

Good morning Facebook chums

18th edition

So I got to thinking which supermarkets are safest. Generally we are Tesco shoppers but social distancing and food shopping are not easy bedfellows. At the moment as all supermarket's checkouts seem to be a cross between a rugby scrum and a queue for a Titanic lifeboat, I've decided supermarkets simply are not safe places. Perhaps in a couple of weeks when rationing is in place and working, we will need to adjust our shopping habits with safety in mind. But still, are some supermarkets safer than others? Take Waitrose and M&S, are more of their customers likely to take skiing holidays and cruises? Are Lidl and Aldi customers more likely to cough over you than Asda or Morrison customers? It's become a confusing world. We'll stick to Tesco.

Anyway now it's been established that the world has too many greedy, selfish people who go to the supermarkets to get more than their fair share, as often as possible, picking up another industrial pack of bog roll along the way. But wait...surely that means viral transmission is slightly greater among the greedy, selfish people hunting toilet rolls, ultimately weakening that part of the population. A social win!

So what other sections of the population could do with a natural selection re-boot? The world has definitely become overpopulated......we definitely could do with a few less. Hospital beds, even before this pandemic, were in short supply. Our housing stock is far too few (see overpopulation). The worst case scenario is 1/4 million people may lose their lives. When the UK population is pushing 66.5 million that's only 1 in 266. Not enough to make a big difference. If this is natural selection then it isn't a quick fix. It's no surprise that an anagram of corona virus is saviour con.

On a personal note I'm still social distancing. If you think you can recover from a big bit of surgery and start walking around and driving after only two weeks then you're wrong.

N xx

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