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£441.23 and A$20

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

It all started like this. My friend Emma had planned a 5 mile walk around the River Gannel that runs between the seaside town of Newquay and the village of Crantock on the north coast of Newquay. Her plan was to invite friends and family to join her on the walk and to raise some money for the charity Bowel Cancer UK.

The walks were dependant on the tides as the walk crosses the estuary. The dates were set. The 4th, 20th and 26th of September. I of course had every intention of joining her on one of her walks. But the Gods had a different plan for me. On the first walk I had my first chemotherapy session. On the 20th I was sporting a rather fetching chemotherapy pump, and on the 26th the ability to walk 5 miles was nullified by my treatment. I was very disappointed, actually I was gutted.

All was not lost though. Emma and I decided to do the walk together. All I had to do was find a suitable date. That proved to be a bit of a challenge. In my fortnightly treatment cycle there are only 3 or 4 days that I capable of walking that far. Then the tides need to be right. We settled on the 15th of October, this Thursday, no later than 10am. Three people walking 5 miles around the Gannel. Tricia and I would donate some money to Emma's just giving page and that would be that.

But a thought occurred. If I tell one or two people perhaps they might be happy to join us and raise a little more money. A few people having a stroll around the Gannel, what could be better. We put in an order for some sunshine and I posted about it on my blog 13 days ago.

I reckoned we might raise £50 maybe even £100 to add to Emma's just giving page.

You have not disappointed. So far we have raised £441.23. Yesterday alone we raised £114.98 and A$20. I am humbled by your love and generosity.

If you're still thinking about joining us we're setting off at 10am from the Beachcomber Cafe carpark. TR85RN

You can find the route here.

And you can donate here.

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