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£666.23 + A$20 + £20.00 cash = £679.30

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Every donation so far is special. To achieve this amount is exceptional. To increase the total by £225 in a single day is stunning. Some of you I know, some of you are anonymous, all of you are brilliant. The money being donated is for Bowel Cancer UK.

Just in case you're not up to use speed I have advanced bowel cancer. In my case it has spread to my liver. This is called secondary or metastatic cancer. The treatment I'm receiving is palliative, which means it relieves symptoms but cannot cure the cancer. The palliative treatment I'm having is chemotherapy. This treatment can keep the cancer under control, improve the quality my life and help me live longer. My treatment is pretty unpleasant especially in comparison to my life just a few short weeks ago but I'll take any improvement and a chance to live longer but at the moment it's hard to understand that the quality of my life has been improved.

Your donations may not have a direct impact on my life but indirectly every penny is making a massive difference to my well-being. Thank you.

You know what happens next. I ask you to join me for a walk on Thursday, starting at 10am at the Beachcomber Café car park at Crantock and donate a few quid

Here's the links you need;

For the walk, I think quite a few people are joining me:

And to donate;

Go on, just do it for me and people like me.

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