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93rd Glorious Pontification

Like a lot of people I've had loads of different cars. I haven't a clue how many cars a bloke that's been driving for 45 years could be, but I think I might be above average.

At the moment I have a Citroen, my 5th. Amongst others I've had 2 Mercedes, 4 VWs, 6 Ford's, 4 Fiats, 2 Mazda's, 1 Honda, 1 Chrysler, 3 Morris 1000s, 1 Mini, 1 Volvo, 1 Daf, 3 Rovers, 2 Triumphs, 2 Peugeots, 2 Vauxhalls, and more but I honestly have never really tried to reckon them up. If I had to choose my favourites they were probably my 4x4s of which I've had 5, 1 Audi Quattro, 2 Land Rovers and 2 Jeeps. The Red Jeep Wrangler was probably the most fun. Some say the name Jeep is derived from a slurring of the initials GP (General Purpose).

So I start to think about other GPs like Moto GP. Grand Prix motorcycle racing. I’ve had a few motorbikes 4 Yamahas, 1 Suzuki and 1 Peugeot. Or Formula 1 Grand Prix. There's equestrian Grand Prix and even a Bowls Grand Prix.

Then there’s famous people with the initials GP like Gregory Porter, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gregory Peck, Giovanni Pernice, Gary Player and Gavrilo Princip the assassin who, at the age of 19, assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand (Now that GP caused a bit of a problem).

But the most important GP is my General Practitioner, Dr Klid. Unexpectedly Dr Klid phoned me up to ask how I'm getting on with my lot. We had a very interesting conversation. Typically I was upbeat but I made an effort to be as honest as possible. We spoke of my treatment and my response to my medication. These phone calls are often very difficult but we had a good conversation. She already knew of my walks (someone must have added a note to my file) and as we chatted we spoke of my blog. While we were talking she checked out my blog. This blog. She asked if she could pass on the information to some of her other cancer patients, they might find it useful, even inspirational. She said she herself found it inspirational. That’s a good reason to keep on keeping on.

So what else am I going to be keeping on?

I’m keeping on as normal a life as possible, well, subject to the results of my scan which I get to hear tomorrow. Actually I’m pretty scared about my meeting with my consultant. If my chemo is working I reckon I’ll get another 3 months of treatment. The first three months are beginning to take its toll. My cheery reserves are getting a bit low, I’m more often in a slightly less happy place and my up beat demeanour is a little less up beat. A good result will mean more chemo (the next 3 dates are already booked). I can only hope for a good result. But it’s all relative. I’m talking about a good result meaning more chemo.

My world has certainly turned upside down.

At least the lockdown rules are changing soon and slackening right off over Christmas. Let’s not waste the opportunity for the old and/or vulnerable to catch covid before the vaccine rolls out. It’s a bit like “roll up, roll up, opportunities to spend the new year on a ventilator coming soon”. We just have a few more weeks of lockdown to get through. I think I can cope with a lockdown Christmas.

Tomorrow’s walk and first hand health sitrep is still happening. Don't forget we’re walking at 1pm instead of 10am, not that I'm expecting to see anyone and in case you’re wondering, I’ve resisted that pasty.

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