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A bit of a struggle.

Today was not a complete write off. But it has been a bit tough. Following another proper crappy night's sleep when I managed to watch the first episode of Simon Reeve travelling through Alaska on BBC iPlayer. Not a normal thing to start at 02:00 for an hour. But at least I manage to intersperse it with a text conversation with Lauren in Australia. Undaunted by the lack of sleep, I must have dozed a bit, but still got up at 05:30 and finished the apple chutney Tricia and I started yesterday. Extra apple, sugar, garlic, ginger and onion was required because we overdosed on the chilli in the batch we made yesterday. It needed to be rectified. Answer? Double the apple content. All done by 09:00. (Including the labels). But I'm beginning to feel yukky.

All the chemo guff has been pumped in. I'm just waiting for the community nurse to come for a disconnect and clean the tubes. I find myself sitting with the nurse when a bloke from the ambulance service arrived to attack me with a covid stick. By 11:00 all is over and I'm in the shower with my right arm wrapped in cling film. Weird but it works. Rachel popped in for a few minutes with a jar of cornichons for Tricia. Lunch and a bit of facetime with Lauren and I'm due for a quiet afternoon except I get a visitation from the grandchildren. Rest what rest?

By the time we were alone I really needed to have a rest......I rest.

I contemplate going to bed at 17:00 but instead I take an anti sickness pill in preparation for a hot marrow curry. My feeling of crappyness eases. The curry is great. It's now 20:00. I feel that I'm now coming down from the meds. I'm hoping that tomorrow I feel semi-normal. I'm still dosed up with steroids so maybe a bit more night-time TV. High points today included Lauren's picnic business "Pretty as a Picnic" being included in a feature in the Australian Sunday Telegraph and getting my pump removed. Lesson of the day; If any of the chemicals I'm having pumped into me gets spilt onto carpet, it's so very toxic, the carpet needs to be removed. No wonder I have been feeling a bit off!!!

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