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A quick sitrep

Today has been a bit peculiar. Kind of normal and not normal simultaneously. As is normal for me I got out of bed at 6 am. Watered the bottle plants in my dressing gown (I'm in the dressing gown not the plants) BTW the bottle plants are geraniums planted in a hole in the bottom of champagne bottles then the bottles are hung the right way up. Anyway I digress. At 7 am I was at work. Not at the Eden Project they have me on furlough deciding whether or not to make me redundant, I'm hoping for redundancy. I was at work with my brother and nephews at Woodcut Ltd helping out as they're pretty busy at the moment. All the while waiting for an appointment with the oncologist Dr Parnell. I'm with bro Richard 'till 5 pm. No APPOINTMENT I really don't like this limbo.

Little red car.

Anyway I've decided to take some action. The little red car is going to be sold. This will make some space in the garage for other stuff. As Tricia and I fully expect to be advised to isolate I've acquired myself a treadmill to help maintain whatever fitness I can. Trouble is this treadmill is in Ruislip. A day out for the pair of us already planned for Wednesday / Thursday. We can't go before because Tricia has an appointment with her orthodontist whereas I'm still waiting for an appointment!

Before I leave I phone Tricia to ask about my appointment, none yet. However Tricia reminded me were out for a pizza tonight at Lostwithiel. Every Monday evening takes their wood fired pizza oven to the community centre car park where Tricia and I buy a pizza each and sit in the community centre garden for a picnic. Join us if you want, socially distanced of course. I'm sure Simon and Sarah (Mr and Mrs Kernowforno) will be happy to see you too.

Tomorrow I was hoping for an appointment. Now I'm hoping for good weather on Thursday so I can bring home the treadmill.

Did I mention I'm waiting for an appointment? Perhaps I'll hear tomorrow.

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