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The last time Tricia and I went on holiday I did a bit of walking. When we came home I decided to invest in a smartwatch using birthday or/and Christmas as an excuse to spend money. This purchase has enabled me to record our walks and kayak trips. This morning I found this record of my average resting heart rate for the last 7 days. Fascinating don't you think.

Please confirm your name? Your Address? Your date of birth? Thank you. Now I'm going to shove this stick right up your nose" well perhaps not verbatim but you get the gist.

The last couple of days have been great. Our good friends Jenny and Andy were due to be married at The Carbis Bay Hotel this very weekend. Another Covid postponement (not great). The site, at Mount Douglas Farm, was booked so, without hesitation, we dug the tent out of the loft and took Abbi, Louie and Mils with us. Fantastic. Just as we were ready to leave on Friday my mobile rang. after the normal NHS please confirm your name etc. I was informed that I needed to be at Truro or Wadebridge for a Covid test on Saturday (not great). "But I'm staying at Carbis Bay" says I. So my covid test was carried out in the grounds of Penzance cricket grounds. At least I didn't need to show up dressed for a wedding.

The reason I needed to have a Covid test on Saturday was to ensure the results were available for Tuesday.

On Tuesday I get my device fitted into my chest to help administer the chemotherapy drugs in a way that enables me, in between sessions, to function near normal. I'll no doubt regale you with a full description later this week.

Anyway, and by far and away more important, we've just spent 2 whole days with Louie and Mila. at 5 and 2 they aren't about to let us have much time to ourselves. They were full on. Grandad this and Grandad that. Yesterday we drove them to the beach and then Tricia and I went off to Penzance for the test then back via Sainsburys for some provisions. When they were ready I brought them back from the beach. In the mornings we cuddled in bed, Louie and I wandered off for an explore on Saturday morning at about 6am. Mila busily fed me the crusts of her toast this morning at breakfast. Mila also managed to lock the Motorhome with the keys inside while everyone including Mila was outside...all in all a couple of days of memories. Especially when I can workout how to save photos.

Here's the only two I took on my phone.

Note to self...... Must learn how some of this social media actually works

Actually the biggest excitement was last evening when Abbi, after many years of waiting, renewed her love for playing the board game "Aggravation" even though winning wasn't her forte on the night. (She did win one game) her main strategy was to send as many of her opponents counters back to base. Poor tactics, helluva fun.

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What a fabulous weekend and lots of great memories for you all ❤️ we have the stoma nurse coming here later this morning really looking forward to that ! 😂


Gotta love a Garmin and the stuff it records for us ❤️ Take care both 🥰

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