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All Cancelled

Yesterday I spent almost the entire day in I’ve spent even longer in bed. I have, yet again, a nurse calling tomorrow.

I feel sick all of the time, can’t bear noise and am exhausted speaking to people. The only relief I seem to get is horizontal in bed.

I’m really quite rotten at the moment and the prospect of attempting to celebrate my birthday with you all seems a little bit like wishful thinking.

In the space of just one week my hands and feet have seriously deteriorated. I even think I need to stop driving. I certainly can't walk well now. Maybe the situation will improve, who knows?

I have left this decision until the 11th hour in the hope I'd be well enough, I'm not!

If you’re reading this then I’m disappointed to ask you to ignore my previous invitations.

If you’re not reading this then Tricia will handle things appropriately.

I’m sorry but my celebrations are cancelled. I’m simply no longer well enough.

This also means the roving Coffee Club which was going to be here at home on Thursday is cancelled as well.....sorry.

This is not an ideal situation. Hopefully just chronically bad timing.

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