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and breathe!

Some nights I sleep some nights I don't. Last night I slept. Yippee. (well until 06:30). I do my best at my morning routine which is:- get up, put the kettle on, do 30 minutes on the treadmill, cool down for a while, then in the shower before breakfast. This morning, indeed the whole day followed all our best predictions. Leave for the dump at 08:30 with a small load, join the queue (you're at position 21 in the queue that's as bad as phoning HMRC) and that's 1/2 an hour before opening time.

Back at 9:30 then down with Tricia to her mum's to pick up a pine chest and to wish her luck. She's moving into a care home today. Tricia has a lot to do. I leave Tricia at 10:20 she gets home at 15:40.

At 10:25 I see my motor vehicle (and all things mechanical) wizard, Paul, to ask about the malfunctioning motorhome water heater. "Bring the van in later in the week" Fantastic, my patience for fixing things is nonexistent at the moment.

Home at about 11:20. I bring the pine chest into the garage to clean it up then pop it back into the car.

I make a coffee, sit down and breathe.

It's 13:00, a car pulls up. Out pops the dynamic duo, Louie and Mila. Abbi and Cal are finally moving into

their new (to them) house today. After a couple of months of very hard work the house is looking brilliant but the last few hours of moving and cleaning would be better without two whirling dervishes zooming around the place. So with Tricia still settling her mum into The Grove, her new home, I'm under the illusion that Tricia will be home soon. Have you ever watched the "Minions" film?........I have. Have you ever watched " Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip"?.......I have. Today I've also played giant pick-up sticks, and very noisy skittles on the kitchen floor.

Tricia eventually got home at 15:40. She quickly had a late lunch and we both had a cup of hot water and a cup of tea respectively. Vicky phoned to arrange to come down for the weekend. For a few minutes we can sit down and breathe.

At 17:00 it's time to take aforementioned whirling dervishes back to their parents. Which we do, then we immediately drive to the community centre car park in Lostwithiel for a heap of Kernow Forno pizzas which we eat with Abbi, Cal and the kids Yum Yum.

Eventually we get home at 19:00. 12 hours after our day had begun. I return a couple of phone calls, Tricia sends off a text. Tricia has found her day very traumatic, she worries about her mum, she worries about Lauren and she worries about yours truly. Hopefully (for her at least) things may get a bit less hectic. We jump in the hot tub with a wine/beer and breathe.

Is our day over? Not quite. A blog to write and a Tesco order to do has wound the clock around to 22:45. A beer/wine with cheese and crackers. But not just any cheese it's Castello a blue mould full fat soft cheese that tastes just like my walking socks...... another Yum Yum.

Tomorrow at 09:00 I'm at the Headland unit for my Plug & Play fitting so we need to settle down to bed and breathe.

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