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And so it continues 3/4/20

Good morning Facebook chums

And so it continues

So, did you clap again last night? We did but we also stopped and listened. Wow! We could hear it for miles. Almost an emotional experience. Instead of clap for the NHS it's turning into Make Some Noise for the NHS. The clapping was joined by the banging of pots and pans, whistles, car horns, cheering............. Next week, weather permitting, we resolved to take our one bit of exercise at 8pm to experience the phenomenon from a different place. And join in of course. However we may not be lucky. I've just looked at the weather forecast.

I've been thinking about luck and being lucky. Some of us are lucky we live in the least infected part of the country. I'm lucky I'm not right at the beginning of another course of chemotherapy. I'm lucky that I'm at home convalescing just at this time of enforced being at home. I'm lucky Tricia is also at home convalescing with me. If we're the only ones here does that make it a convalescence home or a convalescents home? Answers below.

Of course having cancer or failing eyesight is another type of luck. One where we have both exchanged the "L" for an "F".

But luckily we're both getting better.

Hope you all have a lucky day.


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