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Another weekend of lockdown 4/4/20

Good morning Facebook chums

Another weekend of lockdown

Something I've noticed, we've suddenly arrived at the second weekend of lockdown. I'm not quite sure how that happened so fast. It might be a combination of routines and projects.

I have some routines in my life which seem to be constantly evolving. At the moment a distant alarm, in the kitchen, sounds at 7am (it used to be 6am). This alarm signifies; wake up, get up, take medication, boil kettle, prepare breakfast, return to bed with breakfast, post some more rubbish on Facebook followed by a shower and preparations to face the day.

Then the next phase in my routine is to start thinking about starting, or continuing, a project.

Just prior to 10am I grind some coffee beans to use in my one cup filter machine. I aim for coffee and a little snack at 10am.

At mid day we're thinking about food again. Lunch is followed by a bit of TV news and snooze. Slow forward to 4pm for "Escape to the Chateau DIY" on Channel 4 followed by BBC viral update. 6pm it's a food moment again then a bit of The One Show, Celebrity Bake Off, Master Chef or whatever takes our fancy.

All of these activities are subject to modification depending on weather, essential journeys, phone calls, domestic chores, ongoing projects or other pressing and/or urgent matters. There's some excitement introduced when, for instance, I need to collect a prescription for which I queue for 20 minutes to be told it's not available yet.

Tricia has a similar, but different, set of routines that seem to merge very nicely with mine.

Today we're really putting a spanner in the works by joining our neighbours at 11am for coffee in the cul-de-sac. That'll really mess up the routine. Oh well, it helps with the tedium.

And I thought I was going to talk about my projects. Something perhaps for tomorrow when I might explain why I'm drilling holes in punts.

Until then.


P.S. It's early, I'm awake, perhaps I'll pop downstairs and listen to the dawn chorus. Definitely NOT routine.

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