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Bulletin 20 21/3/20

Good morning Facebook chums

Bulletin 20

(2 Germinal an 228 de la Révolution)

Previously I've been critical of panic buying but here I willingly put my hands in the air and confess we have in part been guilty. We have 2 full bottles of chilli flakes and 3 full tins of chick peas. So if you're short of chilli flakes or chick peas I can leave some on our doorstep in exchange for some truffle oil and alphabetti spaghetti because we have completely exhausted our supply.

Anyway if the shops and supermarkets really wanted to stop panic buying they could have ages ago. A simple algorithm on their computer raising their prices on most of their goods by 1000% then immediately offering 900% discount on the first two items would stop panic buying in an instant.

When it comes to gleaning our news from the increasingly hysterical news reports (listen to the 5 o'clock news on channel 5, they practically shout) I have opted to get mine from the two most reliable sources I can think of:- BBC 1, the daily Prime Ministers press conference at 5 pm and the filtered and balanced news reports from ABC Australia. How else did I find out about the London underground being completely shut down from Wednesday onwards? No really!

Anyway as threatened yesterday I actually channelled my inner Keith Floyd and got creative in the kitchen. The resulting creation was honey and apricot flapjacks. Standing at the worktop was surprisingly uncomfortable. Kneading bread is still a long way off. By the time I had finished I was pooped. Was the effort worth it? Absolutely!

Vive la Révolution.


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