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Last night at about 2am, (could have been earlier, could have been later), when I finally decided to go to bed, I had the the great idea of heading up this blog as "Too pissed to post" unfortunately I was exactly that. The circumstances that led to my inebriated state were probably a complex mix of stress, fright, drowning my sorrows and simply filling my glass too many times with wine. I remember Tricia telling me I'd had enough which was, in fact, advice I heeded but not until I polished off two bottles of very nice vin rouge.

Twenty years ago two bottles of red wine in one sitting was a common occourance but it's very unusual for me now. The short term impact of my over imbibing is, amongst other things, waking feeling jaded, unable or unwilling to jump on the treadmill, being over the legal limit to drive for few hours but worst of all being unable to write my blog. The accumulated damage and long term impact of drinking two or more bottles of wine most days throughout much of my 40s and 50s is much more difficult to contemplate especially considering my present plight, Maybe it's bad luck, maybe it's bad behaviour I will probably never know but what I do know is back in the day, like last night, I had choices.

Every moment of every day we all make choices. The path that has brought me to this place socially, physically and emotionally is littered with the outcomes of choices good and bad. Would I, with hindsight, have made different choices? Well that's a place not worth visiting. What is worth thinking about is how do I make the best choices now? I have already chosen to do some serious changes to the house. I have also chosen to continue to maintain a good level of fitness, spend time with family and friends and try to maintain my mainly cheerful disposition.

Hopefully, by me writing and you reading these words, someone, somewhere, may make a better choice.

We'll probably never know.

What I do know is I need to get up and face the day. Vicky is down from Bristol for the weekend and we need to get moving.

We have places to go and people to see.

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Looking back ok yep I made some shit choices but looking from another angle I remember such great times love Julia and Kev

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