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Coffee Club Chaos

Today the Coffee Club failed. I knew something was amiss when I started talking to myself. Soon I was joined by Janet who I sent an invitation to separately this morning. Then Steve arrived making the numbers up to 3. (Does that constitute a quorum?) How Steve circumvented the problem is a mystery.

Incompetence and complication, that’s what I think. The incompetence was my inability to set up this week’s Coffee Club successfully. The complication is the need to have a unique set of digits for each meeting.

So over the next few days I’ll endeavour to resolve these issues. I’m pretty sure I can devise a recurring meeting that uses the same access details each time. No more sending out joining instructions every single time, or at least they’ll always be the same. Rest assured I’m on the case.

While I enjoyed “Coffee Club Lite” I was totally bereft of our “Full Fat Coffee Club”. I really hadn't realised how much I look forward to our Tuesday morning gathering. I'd been up since about 4am and made an apple cake and two carrot cakes so maybe I’m tired and emotional but I seemed to be disproportionately disappointed.

Note to self.....

Must try harder!

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