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Rock Maze

Day 10 11/3/20

Good morning Facebook Chums.

Day 10

As you must know by now we are presently a driverless household. Each year our roadfund liabilities are £235 £165 £20 and £0. So as each vehicle has become due for road fund licence we have decided to "SORN" some. Presently the two most expensive vehicles are mothballed. But Tricia's car, the Fiat 500, has been insured, MOT'd and taxed (£0) since October 2018. That's how long it's been since Tricia last drove. But something happened yesterday evening which may impact this situation. For the last 18 months it has become my habit to occasionally read subtitles when they appear on the tv. But last night while we were watching Joanna Lumley's Hidden Caribbean: Havana to Haiti she surprised me by reading them herself. A fabulous breakthrough.......she still can't read her tablet or phone but by chance the tv and the subtitles must have been positioned perfectly for that bit of sight. Of course this is a long way from driving but it's lots and lots closer.

Ponder for a moment our situation. I get diagnosed with a nasty disease again which sounds and indeed is shocking. Swiftly I get treatment which is pretty unpleasant but effective. Within days I'm recovering and hopefully within a few short months I am expecting to fully recover with perhaps a few lingering weaknesses. Or alternatively of course the outcome could have been significantly different. And I get to tell some funny stories.

In the meantime Tricia has been struggling with eye issues for 15 years. She has artificial lenses in both eyes and only peripheral vision in her right eye. 18 months ago she begins to lose her vision in her left eye. Her left eye, due to previous surgery, could no longer support an artificial lens. Eventually after two difficult and painful visits to Treliske for surgery that was extremely complex and risky she has had a lens inserted and fastened internally to the white of her eye. In a few weeks time she will be able to get a prescription for new glasses which, may possibly mean that keeping the Fiat 500 may have been a good decision.

This story could of course have a different ending. One that doesn't include me. One that finds Tricia alone and almost blind. And I think I've had a tough time. Tricia who has been facing a potentially very uncertain and challenging future is suddenly faced with the prospect of the unthinkable.

Perhaps tomorrow I'll resume my normal nonsense.

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I can hear Neil's voice reading it out😢 Love to you and hopefully a catch up in October xx

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