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Day 12 13/3/20

Good morning Facebook chums

Day 12

Often at this time of year our minds begin to wander to the warmer months and we start to think about holidays. Well I do anyway. My normal planning method is to get a piece of A4 paper and write across the top " Neil and Tricia's Marvellous Adventure 2020" then start planning. This year is different. Because I'm temporarily stuck at home (as opposed to self isolating) being bombarded by Covid 19 doom and gloom I think what's the point. We'll all be so scared to go anywhere or do anything, the hospitals will be overrun, businesses will have failed, the economy will be in ruins, there'll be no toilet paper, supermarkets will be empty and food will be scarce. I've decided to take immediate and decisive action. I've STOPPED watching the News!!!

Now Covid 19 is not the only holiday planning problem. During the first few days of my possible diagnosis I decided to apply to my employer for an extra 2 weeks holiday, not unusual, my employer refers to it as buying holiday. If they agree I think I could organise a 28 day break around May and another 28 days in September. Now I applied for these extra days holiday on or around the 17th Feb and I don't expect a quick response, I haven't been to work since the 20th February and perhaps I need to access my work emails to find out if it's been agreed. So at the moment I still don't know, making it a little harder to plan. However during, this time, I have noticed that the only concern exhibited by my employer for my situation is .................none! Perhaps my impact is so small they haven't noticed my absence or they think I am already taking my extra holiday.

Yesterday I thought I would try a day without as many painkillers. On balance not one of my better ideas, but I did anyway. I managed to get quite a bit done. Normal service is slowly being resumed. In the afternoon Tricia was out, I was a bit chilly and decided to light the, soon to be outlawed, log burner. I can only do this with small bits of wood and little logs. I definitely can't fill the log basket. Anyway success it's lit. Perhaps we can turn off the heating (our gas bill will be big this quarter). Tricia came home and we had a visitor, I had a snooze and the, soon to be outlawed, log burner went out. Tricia had another planned outing later so abandoning the idea of lighting the log burner I made dinner. A Greek bean stew (butter bean, spinach, feta and lots of tomatoes). Yummy. Before she came home I lit the log burner again and kept it in until bedtime.

As I just mentioned I can't lift the full log basket. I also can't lift, amongst other things, our grand children, my tool box, any furniture, big casserole pots, the dustbin or recycling bags when they're full. Sometime during the cooking/log burner lighting period our dustbin was emptied and recycling was taken for collection which is due today. Our fabulous ninja neighbours stealthily organised our rubbish removal. Thank you.

So back to planning our holidays. I'm thinking, through the tunnel and doing a spot of northern Europe in May and the South of France in September if the Foreign Office agrees. Any other ideas?

Signing off now, we have a date with a coffee at AJs and I need to start the slow process of getting out of bed.

Toodle pip!

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