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Rock Maze

Day 13 14/3/20

Good morning my Facebook chums

Day 13

My Mum would sometimes say to me "Neil, do you need to be so cheerful?" I didn't always understand. She was also really good at remembering all the things I did wrong and when angry would often say "you used to be such a nice boy". Well I like to think I still take some heed in those things my mum said but I think she still might occasionally say "do you need to be so cheerful"? I think she meant that sometimes looking for the funny in things may be less appropriate. Well sometimes I shoot from the hip and occasionally miss my target.

Take yesterday, I took some delight in carefully explaining that my employer hadn't contacted me or even approved my extra holiday. Well the truth is I was due a call on Monday but my colleague suggested they wait a week until I felt a bit better. And for the sake of a phone call I would have known I have been granted my extra holiday. Definitely a case of shooting from the hip.........and missing.

Ok, moving on. This corona pox has now directly impacted us.

Yesterday I had a call from a friend explaining he will not be calling around to see me as he had spent some time with a couple of his friends who have returned from holiday and may have contracted the corona pox. His friends, who incidentally are both doctors, have self isolated, so although not off colour himself, my friend felt it best to keep away from me.

I'm beginning to be concerned that Tricia's forthcoming appointment at the eye department at Treliske may be in jeopardy. The waiting areas are usually totally overcrowded and many of the eye patients definitely fall into the vulnerable category. We're keeping our fingers crossed because Tricia is reluctant to proceed with getting new specs until she knows if her operation has been satisfactory.

I also have a forthcoming appointment. My worries are a bit different. I've noticed the growing trend of peeps substituting the shaking of hands with an elbow bump. Does that mean my consultant will examine my abdomen with his elbows? All these unexpected worries.

And I want to plan our Marvellous Adventures.

Anyway the weekend is here. Not that I would know. It's all the same to me. My sick note says unfit for work for a month. My consultant said at least a month so I reckon I'll be off work a bit longer yet. Not a bad thing when I have developed crazy sleep patterns.

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