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Rock Maze

Day 15 16/3/20

Good morning Facebook chums

Day 15

So two weeks have passed since my surgery. What an interesting two weeks. Again an opportunity to glean some learning about myself. But how things have changed.

One of the things I decided to do in hospital and during my convalescence was to plan some time away in our motorhome. My method is generally simple, I think of a destination, plot a route on Google maps then find, on or around the route, some interesting stops and activities. This time I found an interesting island in northern Europe, found at least one stop en route, a campsite with free river taxi and bike hire included in the very reasonable price, and at least one free stop off on the way home next to a heritage railway with 117km of track into the mountains. The second route I've found an en route stop or two but still need a destination, still a work in progress.

Now the situation has changed somewhat with international travel temporarily curtailed. So I think a trip to a nice but pricy campsite near Henley on Thames, walking distance from the town, full of nice coffee shops, places to eat and a good selection of charity shops. While staying there we would have easy access to the Thames path with a good walk heading towards Marlow. Then perhaps off around the M25 towards the east of the country. I check the campsites, they're open as are all the town's shops hoping no doubt for any business they can get during this paranoid time. During these plannng processes I also look at forums on social media for inspiration, advice, tips and suggestions..

What I'm finding on social media is quite a bit of anger aimed at anyone who dares think differently. There seems to be a growing minority who thinks we all should self isolate straight away, unless it seems they're popping out to buy bog roll. Even us motorhomers seem to be on the receiving end of quite a bit of anger. Staying in our MH seems to me to be a good way to self isolate. We can take our meagre rations and travel the country without contacting or getting too close to anyone. We could take our chances, if we're well obviously, of buying some food, maybe a coffee, maybe visiting the occasional shop. If we all become too paranoid what happens to the small businesses that we choose to ignore. Well I for one intend to continue as normal for as long as possible.

It's surprising where my wandering mind takes me. I thought I was going to talk about all the ghost shops in Bugle. Next time maybe.


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