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Rock Maze

Day 22 23/3/20

Good morning Facebook chums

Day 22

Now if it wasn't serious enough before, it is now. I have to cut my own hair!

Exactly 3 weeks ago at this very moment 7.30am I was in Treliske with my overnight bag hoping to get my surgery out of the way and return to my normal life as soon as possible.

3 weeks ago China and Italy were both dealing with a nasty disease. Now my recovery is going well albeit slow. I can't lift yet, I shouldn't drive yet, I sleep a lot and I can't walk very far. I'm just stuck at home. What I had planned to do was organise a month away in the motorhome before returning to work for a phased return on light duties in a month or two. Anyway regardless of all that I shouldn't drive, can't walk very far, I'm stuck at home and can't use the motorhome because of this virus. I seem to have stolen the march on this social distancing malarkey.

I have some challenges ahead this week. Because both Tricia and I are reluctant to inflict ourselves on other people I have opted to drive her to Bodmin tomorrow myself to get Tricia to her opticians appointment which is a part of her ongoing treatment (not an unnecessary journey). Then, when I review how I get on, I'll decide if I'm able to get her to the eye department at Treliske on Wednesday.

Going to a major hospital as an outpatient, well not exactly but Tricia can't read any signs or notices so some assistance will be required, could be interesting. I'll report back.

So what is it that I can do? I'm sick of the t.v, I can't get into the garden, I can't tidy the garage, I can't tidy the shed, I can't sort out the loft, baking a cake is uncomfortable I'm beginning to get bored. I didn't think I would say it but I'd rather be at work.

Today my challenge is to find something productive, within my capabilities, to do.

We just all need to keep our chins up.

See you all sometime.


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