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Day 5 part 1 6/3/20

Good morning Facebook chums,

Day 5 part 1

I think there's a bit of running before walking going on here. Let me explain.

Yesterday was the best day yet. Woken gently by the staff, disconnected from everything, delicious full English in bed, went for a trip to the wing back arm chair, shuffled off to the bathroom to attempt some ablutions and back to the chair to while away some pleasant hours waiting for my guests. Yep I woke up feeling good (and I lied about the breakfast).

So some interesting stuff happened yesterday which I'll randomly tell you about.

This morning (7:20atm) my tummy feels crap, I feel poorly, I'm in isolation and generally Mr Miserable has arrived.

Now that's my definition of thinking I can run when in truth I can actually hardly walk.

It's true the morning was good, cornflakes and a cup of tea for breakfast (full English NHS breakfast) and into my chair. The morning continued well the Dr that visited decided it was time to remove the on going local anaesthetic around my wound. I now have to control my pain by asking for pain relief, in readiness for my departure.

Lunch selection time. .... limited choice, limited further by the fact that my part of the ward has a restricted diet the to fact that everyone except me has a serious digestive issue, further limited by me not eating meat. Result, by special negotiation, ploughmans lunch, followed by apple sponge and custard with cheese and crackers to follow.

Normal interventions continued, blood pressure etc. Then something arrived they called lunch. A plate of what spookily looked like rabbit food with a pot of grated cheese, a pot of Branson pickle and a further pot with a pickled onion (spot the missing item) this all came with my apple cakey trade with surprisingly ok custard but no sign of the cheese and crackers. Oh! Did you spot the missing item? That's right no bread.

A snooze then a fabulous moment, our very dear friend answered yesterday's FB post by jumping in her car, the other side of Exeter and brought her comments to me in person. A proper high point in this whole sorry episode.

Then the knitting began to unravel..................

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