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Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo

Question; Which of the above would you like?

  • A potato, useful for mash, chips, baking, roasting, boiling or making a Mr Potato Head

  • Fluorouracil 5000mg/128ml, useful for prolonging life.

  • A toy rat, don't actually know if it's of any use at all.

  • Black beans in water, useful for a variety of often vegetarian dishes like chilli, salads, funny burgerish things and fart generating.

  • Instant espresso coffee, useful for staying awake (much like steroids).

How, when I have serious cancer medication continuously pumped almost directly into my heart, do I think its a good idea to test my resistance to alcohol? Talk about mixing the grape and the grain!

How do I think I’m going to function today with only 2 hours 54 minutes of sleep. (Perhaps I shouldn’t wear my smart watch to bed)?

How did I think I would sleep anyway with a tube poking out of my arm attached to something similar to the size, if not the weight, of a large baking potato around my neck?

So many questions so few answers.

I suppose it’s a part of my own rich tapestry. My hangover doesn't seem at all bad and I blame the lack of sleep on the tea time steroids and a strange bed fellow.

Today, I’m still in bed at 08:35. Odd for me. But at least I can make some time to talk to all of you.

Yesterday was peculiar, I want to say tough, it wasn’t. I want to say sad, not really (well not before I drunk too much and thought about my funeral music, now that was sad).

Music takes us all directly to a myriad of places. Sometimes places we have forgotten, it accesses memories and emotions and lays our hearts bare. Yesterday there was, for me, an incredible feeling of powerlessness (I’m struggling to find the right word here). I’m surrounded by a fantastic bunch of people most of which I probably don’t really deserve as friends but friends you undoubtedly are. My family, well I’ve been there before, I unreservedly love them all without question. And Tricia who each day, really since that fateful day in the Britannia 23 years ago, has stood by me through all our trials and tribulations. Not all easy times, both of us have had our moments. Between the two of us, for the past 15 years, we have never been far from our next visit to one hospital or another.

The trouble is all the above has conspired to make me a bit miserable this morning.

The learning point here is this. Waking up miserable is like waking with a hangover. The day can only get better.

OK it's 16:00 almost, I feel much more positive. Just a bit wobbly still. No driving or operating heavy machinery. Still no nasty side effects other than a slight metallic taste in my mouth (excellent oral hygiene required), sensitive soles of my feet (moisturiser required twice a day), and a bit of wobbliness. I guess its early days yet but so far so good.

On a positive yet simultaneously sad note we sold and were paid for the MX5 yesterday for exactly what we paid for it in June 2018. Cheap fun for a couple of years.

For sale;

  • A tailored 3 piece luggage set for a MK 3 MX5

  • A range oven, splash back and extractor

I have a small electrical job to do, with a muzzy head, should be interesting.

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