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Euphemisms, Coffee Shop or Café. B.T.W. 200th Blog Update

Blog Updates. You may have read them all. If so you're reading the 200th blog update. So much junk in such little space!

What's a euphemism? A euphemism is a polite expression used in place of words or phrases that might otherwise be considered harsh or unpleasant. These phrases are used regularly and there are many examples of euphemisms in everyday language. I'm increasingly attuned to hearing them. In my circumstances I prefer the simple.

When I was first diagnosed with bowel cancer I realised that some people skirted around using the “C” word, they preferred words like “illness” or “condition”. I don’t mind how people choose to communicate if we can understand each other that’s good enough. I've never been your typical grammar policeman. But poor pronunciation is my pet hate, it really irritates me. Look carefully at the following word – aitch – now carefully say it........ well done. You've just pronounced “H”. “Owever” more than 24% of the population says haitch so it’s becoming acceptable. But then plenty of people mis-pronounce pronunciation. Who am I to judge? If you make yourself understood “your” probably doing ok.

Anyway back to the subject in hand. Euphemisms. Soon I’m going to pass, pass away, pass over, kick the bucket, be resting in peace, at eternal rest, asleep, I will have demised, be deceased, have departed, gone, lost, slipped away, lost my battle, lost my life, succumbed, given up the ghost and so on. This parrot is dead!

I prefer to keep it simple.

Since my last update I have a few things to report.

The garden’s looking pretty good (for me). One rose has more buds than ever before. Our brambly apple tree looks like it’ll be groaning with apples this year and our old Cornish variety apple tree is doing well.

Other things of note. I bought a jumper. I struggled with this purchase, I’ll only get 10% value from it, a difficult decision. Likewise my broken prescription shades. Cheap poor design (Asda). Should I get new varifocal sunglasses or use my old prescription ones? So many decisions, so little time.

Things are still becoming more difficult. Walking, focussing on conversations, motivating myself to get going. Thankfully by putting little things in my diary I conspire to keep going. Typically on Sunday I was zooming with our friends in Australia at 10am but the offer of the morning pottering around the River Fowey was thrown on the table. Well the boat trip won! Later in the day, after lunch, after my well earned afternoon sleep, after dinner I checked out which Charlestown café I'll decide on for Coffee in the County. Loads of choice but I’m veering towards the Boat House. On Monday morning Tricia and Lauren are visiting grandma. Tuesday Morning at 10am it’s Coffee Club. We’re thinking Wednesday, a day out in the motorhome but wet weather is forecast. Thursday Coffee in the County at Charlestown in the morning and a motorhome windscreen fix in the afternoon. On Friday it’s off to Penvose Farm camp site for the weekend with the McEwans, the excitement in both households is palpable. Is it any surprise I sleep in the afternoons?

These updates are no longer written in one sitting it takes me 2 or 3 days, sometimes longer. I’ve still got plenty of stories. Did I tell you the one about me turning too soon, in the dark, on a hairpin bend, on the descent from Hensbarrow clay tip on Jubilee day in 1977 or perhaps the day I went to a Carlos Santana gig and completely missed the band while I was busy drinking in the bar? Abbi is always ready to re-tell the story of how to hide the dropped eggs in the supermarket. See.... so many stories.

The reason these posts are taking me longer is simply fatigue and lack of concentration. Interestingly my short term memory may be slightly cooked as well. Did I tell you the one about driving off Hensbarrow clay tip?

I think my Times They Are a-Changin’ (Happy 80th Birthday Bob).

Tricia seems to know when I begin to flag before I do. She'll often start to ask if I’m OK. A euphemism for “You've probably had enough now, it’s time to go” she’s usually right.

It’s almost time to go now but I need to tell you all where we’re convening for Coffee in the County. It’s at Charlestown (have I said that already). It’s at The Tall Ships Creamery. For directions head down through the village towards the harbour. At the bottom immediately before the roundabout you'll find the Creamery on the left.

Thursday at 10?

See you there.

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