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Flag's up. 21/4/20

Good morning Facebook chums

Flag's up! Neil's in residence.

No walking until later.

Today we'll combine exercise and essential shopping with looking after the vulnerable. We need to prepare Tricia's mum's house for her return following her NON coronavirus (a stroke on Easter Monday) stay with the NHS. Then we'll take our exercise before buying our essential provisions (bread from Nile's) while exercising scrupulous and continuous social distancing. Perhaps I'll log my walk this afternoon.

In the meantime we're continuing with the garden works. But we've hit a couple of challenges....

1. We can't lift the dome of our pizza oven (which is bleddy heavy) which we want to relocate. Can anyone help? Payment in pizza (When we can)

2. I need to borrow a garden cultivator in two or three weeks time. Can anyone help?

Cheers and gone.


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