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Fridges and Dressing Downs

Deep down in my memory banks I have a vague recollection of an early fridge arriving in our house.

In context, I also remember, our dad installing our first bathroom before which we had an outside toilet. With a family of 5 boys night time provision had to be made, I have no idea how we coped but we did. The bathroom was a must. We had no central heating, no double glazing and all the other, what we now think of as deprivations, associated with normal life in the 50s and 60s.

This fridge must have been an event, why else would I be remembering such an occasion. For some reason I seem to think it came from our grandparents in Plymouth. This fridge must have been a big deal.

Fast forward to the present. Fridges, once a luxury item are now almost throwaway. Our new orange fridge is a grand thing, a statement piece in our new kitchen, ousting all that has gone before but not because we needed one, but because the others didn't fit into the new kitchen concept. So we have a new fridge / freezer in the kitchen, a fairly large freezer and a large fridge in the utility room / garage, an under counter fridge in the old utility room, another (beer) fridge in the summerhouse, an electric cool box and a full size fridge freezer in the motorhome. Plenty of room for us to join in with the forthcoming gluttonous, seasonal, food waste, festival.

On the subject of having more than is really needed I think, without counting, I could wear a different pair of shoes or boots everyday until Christmas. I might even give it a try. I even have a dressing gown for when it's a bit chilly but not too cold, a dressing gown for when it's warm but not too warm and a dressing gown for when I have visitors, the latter in waiting for a vaccine to allow visitors to return which hopefully will be before I drop dead. It looks like I should be finding new homes for our surplus stuff. Do the coronavirus rules and restrictions permit a garage sale? I think not! But if you're looking for a small, under counter fridge, look no further. A small charity donation should do the trick.

As I write this Lauren is struggling with her journey home from Australia. The flight she had booked has just been cancelled. After a considerable amount of being put on hold (4 hours) while dealing with a UK based company (overnight) the best deal she seems to have got is a flight to Newquay from Sydney. Obviously not direct but almost. Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport  (SYD) to Doha Hamad International Airport  (DOH) to London Heathrow Airport  (LHR) to Dubai International Airport  (DXB) to Cornwall Airport Newquay {NQY}. No really! Then she might need to self isolate, before finding an income and somewhere to live. she's also trading an Australian summer for a St Austell winter This is, without a doubt, a trip she really needs to do. I think she'll need a big, covid restricted, Welcome Home. (Hold the front page. She's now flying from SYD to somewhere to LHR)

Yesterday, my inaugural ICNC Coffee Club, wasn't a resounding success. Let's call it a "qualified success". It lasted an hour (not quite as long as an Eden coffee break) there were 7 participants including me and Mila. I didn't have my Tuesday 10am coffee break alone which in my book is definitely a success. Maybe a different mix next week. Here's the zoom stuff

Topic: ICNC Coffee Club

Time: Tuesday at 10am Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 955 027 2972

Passcode: 9RktZt

The rest of the week is shaping up nicely. The kitchen worktops should be arriving before close of play on Friday. (there's a bit of a longer wait for our special shelves). Tricia and I are having a nice walk at 10 am tomorrow at Castle-an-Dinas. You may not be interested but this is the 6 mile, circular-ish walk we're doing.

Later on this morning I'm taking a delivery of furniture components to Newton Abbot.

Oh Bugger! I almost forgot. Blood test at 8:45am tomorrow. Consultant phone call at 9:20am tomorrow and my flippin' chemo time at RCH Treliske at 10am on Friday. Not such a good rest of the week after all.

That's it for this morning, let's get on with a non "medical intervention" day. However I still need to take my drugs, have breakfast, do my ablutions, select a suitable shirt, decide on some shoes (that may take some time) all before Tricia and I embark on our Grand Day Out!

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