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Happy New Year

Somehow, it’s 2022.

I‘ve been meaning to write this blog for a few days now but much like the whole of 2021, 2022 is flying past me already!

I’m not going to lie, New Year’s Eve was a hard one this year. It was a hard one last year since we didn’t even know if Neil would make it to 2021 and certain 2021 would be the year we would lose a great one. Fast forward a year and now there’s no doubt Neil‘s demise will certainly be in 2022. Its not a nice feeling knowing that and I’m sure many if not all of you will have similar feelings towards the new year.

I spent NYE having a quiet one with Mum and at a few moments, Neil. He almost saw the new year in give or take a few minutes but sleep is a much higher priority now.

I managed to injure my hand a few days previous and so Mum and I almost didn’t manage to open the Champagne - the horror! That would have always been Neil’s job when we couldn’t quite muster the strength so that really will be a loss!

I’m hoping to have some good news re a rather large purchase coming up (watch this space) but for now I have some good news that Neil has started to write a blog post with me so you’ll be able to read from him soon, even if I have to become a bit of a ghost writer (gosh that wasn’t as intended).

In terms of Neil’s health, we now have a hospital bed which is helping considerably with Neil’s sleep. Carers are helping Mum twice a day with Neil‘s needs and Morphine is becoming a regular requirement (or Maureen as Neil calls her).

It’s been 2 months since Neil’s last blog post and he’s been trying to write one ever since. Hopefully you’ll see many more blog posts from Neil with my help.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy new year, Lauren x

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