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Heavy rain

It's 05:39. I'm still in bed. Heavy rain woke me up. Some days I wake up and the first thing that enters my head is unpleasant. Today my first thought was unpleasant. Today I'm having the device fitted that'll enable easy administration of the medication that will help prolong my life. But to me, this morning, listening to heavy rain, I can't help thinking it's the beginning of the end. Heavy rain indeed.

So what to do.........Let's get up, get into my normal morning routine, work up a sweat and see if I can lighten my mood before Tricia wakes up.

I've already been warned by Sophie of the Headland Unit there may be some waiting involved today so perhaps I'll manage a bit of a running commentary. Read on......

It's now 09:14. My mood has much improved. I'm scheduled in for 09:30. It's a 45 minute procedure and I need to be observed for an hour after. Sophie apologised for using the word hopefully a lot. I explained "hopefully" seems to be a word I've begun to use a lot lately.

So 09:30 plus 45 minutes plus 1 hour observation means home for lunch........hopefully. Well see.

Apparently I get wheeled into the procedure. The process takes place with local anaesthetic (out of view) while I'm lying down. My gown is on and my blood pressure has been checked. I'm masked up, my temp has been taken, I'm chilled the time is close. Let's go......... Hopefully.

Quick update......11:15 still waiting. Maybe it'll be soon. Hopefully.

12:35 still "hopefully" waiting.

I've just asked Tricia to come and get me it's 13:20 I'm going home. The procedure has been cancelled. I have another date when it'll happen. Hopefully.

Tricia manages to arrive at about 13:45. I got to the Headland unit at 09:45. There's 5 hours I can't get back. Closer to 6 1/2 with travelling.

We get home Tricia gets some long awaited food. Just before I called Tricia for my lift home our friend arrived for a visit so this afternoon we popped to Mevagissey to drop in on them. Had I not I would have felt the day was totally wasted.

Since we've been home we have had our dinner and cleaned out the hot tub. Sorting out the hot tub is the first "maintenance" lesson for Tricia. Many more to come. The tub is still filling, then we need to set the temperature and filter timings.

Its now 22:00 the hot tub is warming up. Tricia's lesson will need to be continued tomorrow. I need to start writing a house instruction manual. But most of all I need to go to bed at the end of a frustrating day.

Good night

Just before I go and on a brighter note Abbi, Cal and the kids have just spent their first night in their new home. Louie got up early, woke his mum and took her into his room to show her "the beautiful sunrise". And went on to say "I love it here".


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