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Hello Again Hello

It’s been a fortnight since my last post. Shortly after writing it and declaring myself to be on the mend my health plummeted again. Although twice I tested negative for covid I had many of the hallmark symptoms. There’s no way of knowing but it could just possibly have been covid not cancer that laid me low. Meanwhile Lauren, who had tested positive for covid has been really quite poorly with it. She went into isolation as did Tricia and I, although neither of us tested positive.

Fatigue is something I must endure but with an added soupçon of brain fog with a sprinkling of nausea and flu like symptoms, writing my blog has not been high on the agenda. I feel like I’m slowly climbing out of the pit but I’m reluctant to declare that I’m over the worst.

I’m hoping that I’m well enough to resume driving by the end of the month. I think I’m almost there. If so, Tricia and I are booked into a camp site at Carbis Bay for a couple of days. No, not another conference of world leaders but a wedding at the same hotel. I’m under strict instructions not to wear shorts. This long anticipated, postponed, wedding is something Tricia and I have been looking forward to for 18 months. We’re almost there.

So what have I been up to in the last two weeks? Well, apart from feeling rotten I’ve rediscovered the teenage ability to lie in bed in a state of inactivity. Not awake, not asleep, not thinking. My medication has changed to see if I can find some relief in the soreness of my hands and feet. So far no change. What I have discovered is the pain is caused by heavy metal poisoning. Some of the metals that cause heavy metal poisoning are lead, tin, mercury, arsenic, Black Sabbath, cadmium, chromium, silver and gold. In my case it’s platinum. Another sign of heavy metal poisoning is horizontal lines on your fingernails, yep, I have those as well. Is it any wonder I feel a bit rubbish now and then?

Heavy metal poisoning was a common complaint amongst tin miners, I’m glad I wasn’t a miner. I’ve also been reading a little bit, not much because mostly I’ve been lying in stasis but I’ve had 3 books next to my bed for ages which I’ve finally read.

So what’s next on the agenda? On Sunday we're having a few friends around for coffee and croissants. Of course I may just stay in bed. On Tuesday I’m having the zoom Coffee Club (I've not missed one yet) and on Thursday maybe, just maybe, I’ll venture away from home for a coffee somewhere.

In the meantime I’m here, I'm OK and, fingers crossed, I'm improving.

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John Gaudry
John Gaudry

Great to see you feeling somewhat better. Enjoy Carbis Bay 🥂



Great to see you back Neil. As if you didn't have enough to deal with, this extra bout of illness is beyond the pale. Best of luck with a gradual improvement.

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