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I know I'm not on my own.

All of you who know me well, and as some of you who I have met more recently will know, I like to take the occasional chance, try something new, have a project on the go do things because they seem interesting.

Then this morning looking around the house I see all the things I have done.

20 years ago we were Landlord and Landlady of the Earl of Chatham in Lostwithiel. That's where I returned to motorcycling. When we left the pub we temporarily moved into the house we had already bought as a rental. I thought the house was dull and soon wanted to move but it was actually ideal for the girls.

I carried on working doing a job I really enjoyed, with people I loved working with. Time passed. The girls grew into the people they are today and I am immensely proud of them all.

In the intervening years I have owned jeeps because they're good fun, owned bigger and bigger motorbikes because they're fun as well. We owned a fabulous cottage in France built our own camper van. Travelled around France in our camper then later our motorhome. We have constantly worked on our dull semi until it's become our unique home we both love. We now have two little people in our lives Louie and Mila to whom we are Grandad and Nanny T. We love then absolutely, without limits.

23 years 53 years ago I met the person without whom none of the above would have been possible, (with the exception of Louie and Mila obviously).

All that time ago I met a girl while we were both in a show. A little while later we found ourselves at secondary school together. School finished, we went our separate ways. For the next 24ish years our paths never crossed. Our lives had little in common. Then one evening we met in the Britannia Inn.

Well for 23 years I have fallen deeper and deeper in love. We are having our best time ever.

Writing this is so difficult........I feel like I'm drowning.

Tricia, you made all this possible.

Without you I am no one.

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