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I'm Walking in the Morning.

Righty ho! I've decided I'm well enough to get the last, short, pre-lockdown, walk in tomorrow. This time it's only just over two miles

I think 5 miles will be a bit too far fore at this stage of the chemo cycle.

If you fancy a short walk then meet us at the Eden Project. Go in at the main entrance and drive to the first carparking area on the right (it might be called cherry). We'll be there at our normal time at 10am. There is a chance of a bit of mud but the forecast is pretty good.

After working there as a contractor and team member for 7 years I can regale you with a few tales of the things I got up to. Nothing too incriminating but I have finally used my last teabag today.

Normally at this stage of my treatment I'm feeling pretty crappy. This is the first time everything has gone as it should and it shows.

I know this is very short notice but Tricia has some new boots and is determined to get out in them. I've also invested in some new marino socks.

The weather is looking good so I'm going to make the most of it.

Next week it'll only be me + 1 for the walk but I'll try to keep the momentum up until we step out again.

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Helen Highland
Helen Highland
Nov 03, 2020

Would have loved to have joined you but as you can imagine I’m dealing with pre lockdown haircuts. But have a fab walk and hope to join you as soon as we can . 😁🥰

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