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Intolerance is OK in my Book.

Throughout my life it has sometimes been suggested that I have occasionally demonstrated a certain level of intolerance. I am probably not very politically correct (whatever that means). This is a point where a quote is required. It’s from the film “Gone with the Wind”. In the words of Rhett Butler, as his last words to Scarlett O'Hara, in response to her tearful question: "Where shall I go? What shall I do?" He said "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn”.

I haven’t been to a supermarket for ages and I don’t intend to go anytime soon but today it seems I’m likely to be safer in Sainsbury’s and Morrison's if they impose a compulsory mask wearing policy. I hope they do!

Lauren, since she’s been home has discovered a great little shop called “Fill Good” a zero waste shop where everything is sold loose. We visited this shop, in the food hall at Par Marché. It was very quiet so I donned my mask and in I went. One small grocery shop while we were there had 2 staff members and two other customers. That’s 4 people of which only 1 person, a staff member, had a mask on. The others were sporting a sunflower lanyard and not wearing masks. What’s all that bollocks! If your breathing is really that bad what are you doing out shopping together you numpties. But It was after all Par Marché a place I’ve accused, on a rainy day, of smelling like an old damp dog lying in front of a Rayburn. (I couldn't afford an Aga I’m not that posh).

Tricia and I, me especially, occasionally rant at the telly. Why is it that some partisan reporters, in support of their weak reportage rely on street interviews with people with more tattoos than teeth? Or, indulge me here, I totally agree that taking the vaccine should, and must, be a voluntary activity, so when those wilfully unvaccinated people contract Covid, and some will, I fully expect them to volunteer to treat themselves at home, and none will!

While I’m about it on one bit of particularly dodgy reportage on ITV’s Good Morning programme suggested that 10% of people had a needle phobia WHAT!. Another feeble excuse for the vaccine deniers (not stockings). Can I respectfully suggest that you look the other way or indeed have a chat with anyone I spent the day with in The Headland Unit yesterday. No needle, no chance of surviving cancer.

I have to hold my hands up here. My walks were certainly pushing the rules. The walks have stopped for the duration of lockdown, as soon as the rules allow, and if I survive, we'll crank them up again. At least most, if not all of our walkers would be out walking for exercise anyway. Did you know that apparently the average person who visits Dartmoor ventures less than 100 meters from their car. That’s exercise for you!

I’m reluctant to make this post too Laurencentric but here’s a thing. Since Lauren has arrived home, a difficult decision to give up her Australian dream, to be close to her family, me in particular, she’s been keen to find her own place. We all agree it's not ideal for her to be at home with Tricia and I. Since mid December we have been quietly looking for a place for Lauren to stay while she job searches and continues with her existing work commitments. What we cheekily would like is something like a granny flat. Until yesterday we have drawn a complete blank but today she’s looking at a large rental she can use gratis for the duration of lockdown. It’s normally a holiday let but rather than it spend any more time empty over the winter Lauren can use it. It’s not without it's problems not least location. Padstein sorry Padstow is a bit distant, especially if Lauren remains in our family bubble, but thanks to the massive generosity of our friends Lauren gets a fantastic temporary home and some fantastic new walks. Yes, exercise not strolls

On a medical note I’ve just had my 3rd chemo session. ½ way through. The cumulative effect is kicking in now. My feet and hands are a bit sore this morning and totally intolerant of the cold. So in reverse fighting parlance it’s.....



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