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Issue17 18/3/20

Good morning Facebook chums

Issue 17

It seems to me this government has got something right. If it makes everyone stay at home it might delay the corona pox peak until later in the year. But because it seems to me the pox peak needs to be smeared over a longer period, the government only suggests we stay at home and leave the pubs and cafes open allowing lots of people to continue as normal. That way we keep up a "healthy" infection rate so the NHS is neither overwhelmed now or later.

Anyway I avoided my normal tv news overdose yesterday and read a book instead.

Sometime during the day I visited the Job Centre in St Austell to help with a Universal Credit claim. What I found was enlightening. The staff were all very polite, understanding and helpful. And the place was clean, open, bright and airy. Then I got to thinking, in this area of seasonal, low wage, zero hour employment this place is about to become as overwhelmed as the NHS.

Now while I was in the Job Centre, smelling the mild hint of disinfectant, resting on a blue, wipe clean sofa, failing at social distancing, the woman I was sitting next to said "I haven't been in a Job Centre since they had Job Cards in the middle" to which I responded "like they had at Carlyon House" she looked at me blankly, clearly not a local or much younger than she looked. Then a thought struck me I must be near the ghost shop of the flooring company Brown Brothers. When we walked out of the Job Centre which incidentally is housed in Treleaven House which used to be Penhaligon House (when did that change?) I thought somewhere around here is the Good Food ghost Shop which I think was across the road from the ECLP ghost offices, although not at the same time. If the ghost of Roy Dutch was nearby he'd know. Anyway we turned up the new East Hill, towards Eastbourne Road walking to the right of Fountain House or the ghost practice of Perks the Dentist.

A little way up Eastbourne Road we got back into the car and left that part of town. By the time I arrived home I had been out for an hour. I was completely done in. I collapsed into my favourite chair with a cup of tea and a shortbread biscuit and caught up with some essential tv "A Place in the Sun" and for those of you who like my facts to be accurate, yes, I missed the beginning.

Terebo nessa


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