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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

A year ago I returned home for Christmas and I remember thinking how awful it was that Neil was sick for such a special day. Fast forward a year and we’re not even planning Christmas just taking every day one at a time.

Mum’s put up all the Christmas decorations over the past couple of days and is remaining extremely positive. What a hero!

I wanted to thank everyone who is sending their well wishes. They are all so appreciated. I’m sure you can all understand that sometimes Mum doesn‘t have chance to respond to everyone in between sorting food or medication or actually spending very limited time with Neil. I had the first message from Neil in 10 weeks this week so if you’re a lucky winner of one of those you’ve done extra specially well!

I‘m writing this from the room where Neil sleeps. He’s sleeping right now and he sleeps almost all day. The palliative nurse confirmed this week what we already knew deep down, that Neil is now in his end of life phase and although we don’t know how long this period will be, our mission now is to keep him as comfortable as possible.

Neil’s had so much fun in his lifetime and has told me many times that he has no regrets. We’re all sad but staying very calm, taking each day one at a time and remembering always why we love Neil so much.

Its Mum’s birthday tomorrow, Happy Birthday Angel x

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