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It's Christmas Eve

Yesterday Neil asked me if I could ask you all to donate to bowel cancer UK in place of cards. I realise it's a little late to be updating you of these developments but Neil really doesn't have much of a grasp of what day it is so probably thought he'd removed the struggle of whether or not to send a card this year with plenty of time. I've heard it a few times from family and friends that 'Have a merry Christmas' or 'Happy New Year' just don't quite cut the mustard this year and awfully, it was definitely a risky business posting cards addressed to Neil. Fortunately it looks like Neil will be here with us this Christmas and Mum has a tree full of cards so thanks to all who sent one. Anyone who hasn't and would like to donate instead, all donations gratefully received!

A quick update on Neil. He's still slowing down but steroids are helping to mask symptoms and allow him to be more lucid. He's determined he'll get downstairs for Christmas dinner tomorrow but hasn't been able to get downstairs for a couple of weeks so we'll see. We hopefully have a hospital bed arriving today and it'll be a military operation getting that in. The only place for it, currently has a built in bed living there and Lord Bate too. Neil's brother Richard has kindly agreed to dismantle this for us while we migrate Lord Bate for a brief holiday in Mum's bed. A hospital bed feels a bit like the beginning of the end or even the end of the end to Neil but I'm very glad he's made the choice to take it. I believe that a hospital bed will enable him to move more and take away the unnecessary energy to do simple things like sitting up. It'll help Mum too. She's carrying on like a trouper but is getting quite sore from all the bending down to a low bed to help Neil. He's still eating quite often and able to shuffle to the toilet and back. Getting out of a hospital bed will be much easier for his escape! Neil has carers come to the house twice a day to help wash him, change his bedding or anything else they can help Mum with. He almost always sends them away since he's too tired to move but when he does get a wash, feels much better for it so I'm very grateful for this service.

Tomorrow's festivities will go ahead. We haven't much of a plan but it'll be Mum, Neil, Abbi and I for Christmas dinner at tea time. I'll be cooking and whether we eat it downstairs at the table or eat on trays on our laps in Neil's room, we'll eat together and we couldn't be more grateful for this.

Have a wonderful Christmas all xxx

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