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It's Friday, it's definitely not Crackerjack!

Greetings from the Headland Unit. Today is my second chemo day. In case you're wondering it's now every other Friday for the rest of the year. Fortunately the unit is closed on Christmas day otherwise I'd be here for Christmas lunch. The ripples of my constantly changing appointments are still having an impact. My chemo meds were probably made up for Wednesday, my original appointment but today they have exceeded their expiry date. So a new batch need to be concocted which may take an hour or so. I'm ok, the day has been written off anyway.

Stop press..... It's only taken about 10 minutes. Yippee.

The first batch of stuff is slowly pumped in through the port in my chest. That alone takes an hour. Then I have some meds pushed in manually via large syringes. Following that my pump is attached then I'm sent home. Simples.

One of the side effects, other than hair loss which I'm assured will happen, is sore, tender feet. Yesterday I tested my feet and yes that is definitely a side effect. How do I know?

Well, what happened was.........

I was invited to lunch with E... after which we went for a walk on The Goss Moor National Nature Reserve. The weather was brilliant. It was warm, not a cloud in the sky. I was wearing my Dudes. Dudes are soft shoes, like a cross between flip flops and gardening gloves. 'ansom and comfy but crap for walking. By the time we finished the walk my feet were sore. Like I'd been standing too long on a hot pavement. I knew what I needed to do, part with some money and get some decent trail walking shoes. I sought advice, bought some shoes and wept at the price. But now I can confidently return the favour and ask E... to lunch and a walk with us.

So here I am languishing in a reclining, wipe clean, medical style chair having stuff pumped into me. I have some nice filter coffee (from a flask brought from home), biscuits courtesy of the NHS.

Recommendations of the day.

  1. Do yourselves a favour, visit The Goss Moor National Nature reserve.

  2. Make sure you have some decent walking shoes.

And awful day at work is better than a good day at the Headland Unit.

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