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It's starting tomorrow.

It's Chemo eve. Tomorrow seems to be a real “the first day of the rest of my life".

I had MY PICC line fitted today. Incedently PICC stands for Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter. This is a rather dramatic temporary measure because on Wednesday it’ll be removed prior to my more permanent port being sorted.

Today I’ve been struggling to stay upbeat. I think you could describe me as a bit “down in the dumps”. I did manage to retrieve a cable from the MX5 that I forgot to remove but that’s about all I’ve done today. Oh! I did manage to get two coat hooks from the summer house and screw them to the utility room door but that doesn't count, it was before 6am. Louie and Mila came over late this afternoon and showered me with hugs and kisses. Clearly the best medicine.

And to all those messages of love and good will.........thank you all!

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Lynda Rasdall
Lynda Rasdall
03 de set. de 2020

Really thinking of you and sending you lots of Positive love xxx

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