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Letter from my bed 27/3/20

Good morning Facebook chums

Letter from my bed

It's very early, 04:16 I'm wide awake and my head is full of things I need to talk about. I have a little note book which I write in to remind me. Some ideas get discarded, some get put to one side for later, some are too dull, some are too strange but some are worthy of exploration.

Here's a for instance. If the police are stopping drivers to confirm whether their journeys are necessary and perhaps issue fines accordingly, when will they set up shop on the A30? Perhaps near Launceston heading west!

Here's another. We have a largely untapped resource of children stuck at home. Could we harness some of their creative energy by getting them to make posters for the new Visit Cornwall campaign "Not Welcome Here"? Could we also get them involved in guerrilla activity to effectively distribute them? Very educational. Just pondering..

And even more weird. This is directly from our Antipodean correspondent Did you know that the Australian authorities, that's the ones that shut Bondi beach, have listed hairdressing as an essential occupation. Clearly with such a young population they just want to speed up the pandemic and get it over with. Unbelievable.

It's now 04:45. I'll carry on later now that I've got all that off my chest....................

Ok a much more civilised 07:45.

Did you clap yesterday at 8 o'clock. No? Make sure you do next week. We did, and while we were clapping our next door neighbour, a health worker, and most of our neighbours joined in. We could also hear clapping and cheering from further afield.

Today most of our meals are already cooked. So it's a real easy day for both of us. No need to get out of bed yet.

Each one of these letters I've written while still in bed some at home, the first few while still in hospital. I think some of you are probably reading this while still in bed. If not where are you?

Hope you all have a fine day, especially John and Joanna for you ..........Happy Birthday. (Sorry about the Australian bit John, I hope I'm wrong)


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