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Lockdown day 1 24/3/20

Good morning Facebook chums

Lockdown day 1

So, if it didn't occur before it will now. What activities are actually essential?

Today we have an appointment with an optician at 9am to help verify if Tricia's eye operation has actually improved her eyesight prior to seeing the eye team in Treliske on Wednesday. Shall we run the gauntlet and sit outside the opticians for 9am ur no? In theory her eyesight could depend on it. It is medical but is it essential?

Now for a different quandary. This year, more than any other year, Tricia and I have bought tickets for future events. I've been thinking the money has been spent. It's clear that some theatres and venues will have significant difficulties getting through this time of forced closure. Should I adjust my thinking a bit and think it's not money I'm losing but only the event? How desperate should I be to get a full refund or should I take a more benevolent view? Getting our money back, is it essential?

So, some of the things we have booked are; The Kite Runner at the Theatre Royal in Plymouth, Lionel Richie at Eden, Post Modern Jukebox at the Tram Shed in Cardiff along with a pitch for our motorhome and the Pink and Black New Years Eve Eve party followed by the New Years Eve party at the Chateau du Doux in the South of France. The first one, next month, will definitely be cancelled. The second one, in June, will probably be cancelled. The third one, in October, will hopefully go ahead. The forth and fifth? Well we'll be in deep shit if these ain't happening!

I've also been thinking. Will my buoyancy aid (personal flotation device) act as an abdominal support belt if I go kayaking? OK perhaps not now....... definitely not essential.

Now the big decision I have to make. Do I cut my own hair or cultivate an Albert Einstein? Then if the lockdown continues transition through an Emmett Lathrop "Doc" Brown, Ph.D ending up with a Peter Stringfellow or, of course, if I keep my beard it might be more like Grizzley Adams. Alternatively I could always go straight for a Yul Brynner.

So many questions, so much time to contemplate them.

So now we're off zombie hunting. This is how all zombie films start.

Wish us luck


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