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Lockdown, week 3 7/4/20

Good morning Facebook chums

Lockdown,week 3

So how hard is it really? The toughest thing for me is shopping. Not seeing the family is OK, we have embraced tech. Not traipsing around the countryside is OK for us, at least we have a garden to traipse around. Popping little used words like traipse (walk or move wearily or reluctantly) into these missives (a written communication) is hardly going to exacerbate (make (a problem, bad situation, or negative feeling) worse) the present situation.

So, we're happy with each other's company and perfectly happy to stay at home. We drink coffee and tea on our drive while our neighbours drink coffee and tea on theirs and we observe recommended social distancing.

But shopping is really getting up my nose. Tricia can't see much and I can't lift much so it makes sense, to us at least, to shop together. Tricia can't always see what she's picking up she also has some difficulty at the till whereas I find it difficult lifting a (not very) full shopping bag.

Neither of us are any more vulnerable than anyone else nor are we employed by the NHS. So we wait to later in the afternoon, when it's a little more socially acceptable, to shop together. The problem is we look perfectly fit and healthy. We put up with the occasional, holier than thou, glance of disapproval but when complete cretins lean right over you to get to the shelves I think to myself "look that word up" (a person who is physically deformed and has learning difficulties). Probably the same sort of person that uses their car to exercise.

And........ to further irritate us........ there's never any FLOUR!

Oh well we have the shopping we need. I can relax now with breakfast in the garden.

Toodle-pip (possibly related to the French "tout a l'heure," meaning see you later).


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