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New Week, New Challenges, Coffee Club

First things first. Coffee Club at 10am today for a live update on all things Cancer not Covid, including a kitchen installation update and as it's happening child care challenges. I’ll be drinking a cup of coffee in front of my laptop. Maybe I’ll see you there.

So I’m inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Here's the link

Meeting ID: 955 027 2972

Passcode: 9RktZt

The slow and steady kitchen installation is still progressing nicely. There's a glimpse above. All the units and end panels are in. The 2 worktops have arrived, cut to size, edged, with the sink and hob holes cut out. The worktop with the hob hole has been fitted, as has the hob. It’s all connected up and is ready to go.

Yesterday was a sink fitting day but I also needed to get to RCH Treliske with Tricia who had check a up on her eyes. If she had eye drops to dilate her eyes she’s not able to drive home. The news on Tricia's eyes is there's no evidence of iritius but the medication that keeps it at bay needs to continue for a further 6 months. That's mostly because of me and my situation, the last thing Tricia needs is another painful eye infection with all she has to contend with.

Today it's child care for Mila and the school runs for Louie. I love it, especially when Mila and I have our afternoon nap.

Tomorrow it's another trip to RCH Treliske for my scan. Not such a dress up day.

Thursday and Friday usually my bad days. But as ever I’m hopeful my slight medication modification may help this week. A fortnight ago I tried a short walk. Think I might do the same this week. Don't know yet.

No wonder the kitchen installation is slow and steady. The splash backs should be here at the end of the week but the cuts on them need to be very accurate so it’s likely to be a trip or two the factory. Then it’s waiting for the shelves. The shelves themselves are leftovers from a major set of jobs at Woodcut so minimal expense but I have to wait for the right colour. The concealed shelf brackets work out at about a tenner a shelf so maximum impact, minimum expense.

As for usual yesterday was a good morning, a dodgy afternoon and a good evening. So with any luck I'll make a bit of progress today and maybe more later in the week.

Don’t forget. Coffee club today at 10.

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