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No title 26/3/20

Good morning Facebook chums

On Tuesday when I took Tricia to Bodmin I drove further than I had driven for a while which was a good gauge of my driving stamina. We can't expect anyone to drive us given the circumstances, anyway, right or wrong I'd probably be driving by now anyway. The outcome of the drive was OK but a bit unpleasant. So reckon it was all systems go for Truro the next day.

Earlyish start yesterday, Tricia's appointment was at 9am. We were there, at Treliske, in good time. I can't walk far so we parked right outside the entrance to the eye unit. Most people wouldn't know the door was there, it's an entrance for ambulances. I deposited Tricia for her appointment. I wasn't allowed in (no surprise there) so I parked up by Currys/PC World as I guessed the carpark would have space. I read my book. Tricia and I kept in touch until the eye drops took effect. About an hour later I relocated to the Matalan car park in search of some shade. Time passed. Tricia managed to phone. There was a problem, she needed immediate treatment. This was going to take some time so at about 11.30 we decided I should go home.

Tricia's examination had revealed two things.

Her new lens had remained fastened to her sclera, the white part of her eye. This was a good thing it meant her distance vision was going to be OK. The other thing it revealed was her retina had a hole near the bottom. This is very serious. It means her retina is in danger of detaching. This problem can be resolved by laser surgery an unpleasant, painful procedure often undertaken under general anaesthetic. However some people can tough it out with a Tricia had to wait until the equipment was available. At 12.45 I had a call from a nurse. Tricia had fainted and the procedure had been stopped at about 40% through. Would I come down? Please don't rush, like I can rush anyway. She said park where you like all parking is free. I parked right outside again and walked in. I had to use alcohol rub on my hands and was taken to a side room to have my temperature taken. I was ok. Tricia had recovered sufficiently to continue. When you hear her side of the story you'll realise this procedure is not for the faint hearted.

I eventually got her home (after far too much driving) and we both retired for a sleep. In different ways we were both absolutely knackered.

The job has been done. Tricia has to sleep upright for a week, not bend and take another cocktail of medication. Here we are two invalids stumbling around looking after each other like convalescence leap frog.

With any luck, tomorrow, I'll be able to talk about something far more interesting.

N xx

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