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Not my Words

Maybe, just maybe, this is who I strive to be. N.

I wanted to add a note to my walk on Thursday and the attached photo. Its personal but bare with me. Also I, for whatever reason, rarely donate to charity but I have so please do so as well


Two blokes with big smiles here for the camera. Don't be fooled.

The bloke on the right is the hero.

He's the one fighting with all his might, he's the one who faces all the difficulties, he's the one whose every sinew wants more of this life, he's the one who today, one day after the walk, has to face up to more chemo. The rest of us have no idea what this does to him. We sleep easily, we sleep with hope and no worries for our future, we don't have the same battles.

What I admire about Neil is his optimism, his positivity, his hope, his determination and his desire to make not only his life better but also those who have some sort of contact and interaction with him.

Neil and I have only had a limited interaction of friendship but that's enough to make me want to be a better person. What else can you want than for that to happen.

Neil, keep fighting, keep making that difference no matter how fleeting YOU think it is. It all matters, those little conversations, those anecdotes, those comments with family thousands of miles away, about life and family and friends. They all matter, we need more blogs, we need for you to keep the fight going if only for these beautiful walks


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Paul Hazzard
Paul Hazzard
16 okt. 2020

Strive to make each day a Ladder day

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