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Number 55 Bus

Here’s something you’ve probably never heard of; Raven's Progressive Matrices, RPM is a nonverbal test typically used to measure general human intelligence and abstract reasoning and is regarded as a non-verbal estimate of fluid intelligence, whatever that is, well it’s not crystallised intelligence that’s for sure. Then there’s personality traits, try Googling it, it’s mind numbing. You get 5 main personality traits, 10 ordinary personality traits, 7 character traits, 638 primary personality traits and to think as a Head of HR this was my stock in trade.

Don’t even get me started on Joharis Window......

I even have some level of recognition within The British Psychological Society. The BPS is a representative body for psychologists and psychology. See, something else hidden under my bushel.

So I’ve engaged all my wisdom and knowledge and come to the conclusion that there’s really only two personality traits, much easier. They’re on a continuum; way off to one end there’s those who are radiators and on the other end of this continuum are the drains.

We all exist along this continuum somewhere, we don’t necessarily stay in the same place but we generally hover around the same kind of area. So, who are the radiators and who are the drains. Well my simple definition of a radiator is the type of person without whom the party really doesn’t start. A glass half full type of person. The drains? Those you really want to keep away from at a party. You got it, a glass half empty person. One picks you up, one drags you down.

I like to think I have a bunch of friends that generally exist on the radiator end of this spectrum although it’s OK to slide around a bit.

Just at the moment I find myself obviously drawn to the radiators. I, however, properly flip flop from one end of the spectrum to the other along with my treatment but my strategies to not become too much of a drain seems to be having some effect. Even the smallest things help.

Cheerful socks and a slightly over browned fruit cake (Cake Off fail) is a good start to today’s strategy, although I did have to play pick-up-sticks with the cocktail sticks.

My hands are sore and painful when I get them cold as are my feet, ears, nose and throat (if I breathe cold air). So now I have gloves dotted around the house but sometimes I forget. Grabbing milk from the fridge, sticking my hands in running water before the hot has come through, opening the front or back doors on a cold morning. Those external handles can be much colder. Notwithstanding these small irritations, life, for me is generally bearable. A fortnight ago I was plummeting downhill, this time it may not be as bad, so far so good.

Lauren relocated to her new temporary home in Padstow yesterday. We all agree that this is an acceptable arrangement, but like all number 55 bus analogies, two accommodation offers came along at the same time. The generosity of friends knows no limits. Of course this means lockdown suits us fine just at the moment. I’ve already sussed out a 5 mile walk at Padstow. Here’s the walk, but in line with lockdown rules, I’ll tell you after I’ve done it.

I’ve got one little job to complete today. I’m putting a notice board on the wall of our utility/laundry/garage/gym room.

Now where are those gloves?

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