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Here’s a couple of numbers I’m going to mention; 1914 and 215.

Generally I watch news programmes early. Often between 6am and 7am. When I worked, my alarm was the 6 o’clock news on Radio 2. What I didn’t hear then I reckoned I didn’t need to know. This weekend I’ve done my best, with some success, to avoid the news. It seems I’m either depressed, irritated or angered by the news, so why subject myself to it?

One of the news topics I regularly hear is about our inability to take a foreign holiday. Well that's just tough luck........ diddums.

On the subject of foreign holidays I have a feeling I’ve done all my foreign holidays. I’m running out of time. We have considered returning to the parts of France we know well but covid has scuppered that idea.

But do we need another trip to Concarneau or Paimpol? Will it make any difference if I don’t visit the Valley of the Saints again? Isn’t it better just to remember the good times we had there? Perhaps all the people we took to those places will go there again sometime and remember me. That’ll do. Otherwise I simply start a round of saying “Cheerio” to people and places.

Saying “Cheerio” is something I’m not quite ready to start doing yet.

Saying Cheerio is something I wouldn’t have said anyway prior to 1914. Here’s a multiple-choice question for you. Which of the following words like cheerio were not in use before 1914? crossword, penalty-box, palomino, superstar, pansexual, troublemaker and nitwit? Well the answer is all of them including multiple-choice.

Sometimes, when I wake up, I have a blistering headache. When I do I take a couple of paracetamols, I might even look for some ibuprofen if I think the situation justifies it. Multiple-choice medication. Some evenings I might just self medicate with a drop of the hard stuff (not too much, just a bit). Generally I’ve stopped drinking. If I drink a glass of wine it’s more social than enjoyment. But I take pills. I don’t need every pill I’m prescribed but I need most of them.

I take what medication is prescribed. In some odd , perhaps subconscious way, for me, the more pills I take makes me think the more ill I must be. Is iller a word? Perhaps it should be.

So let’s see, I think I did something stupid. I counted up my fortnightly pill tally.

As a sum if I add each days input it goes, over 14 days; 18+18+18+17+16+15+15+14+14+14+14+14+14+14= 215. So I average just over 15 pills each day. 7 different sorts. Each sort comes in a blister pack that’s in a box with the accompanying leaflet. Each leaflet outlines the possible side effects. (makes one little jab a bit of a non event). Oddly not one of the side effects says “ may make patient cheerful". I have to conjure that up myself.

But today, Monday the 29th of March 2021 something has happened. Lockdown has begun to ease. The sun came out. This morning Tricia and I had a coffee with 4 friends, in full view, in a garden in Charlestown totally legitimately. This afternoon 2 further friends came to our garden for an afternoon of champagne and blinis .

Today’s side effects.

“May make patient cheerful".

Don't forget if you fancy a coffee and a chat later this morning just go to

Topic: Tuesday Morning Coffee Club

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 763 8459 6404

Passcode: kKU0US

On Good Friday at 10am I'm trying an almost 2 mile walk starting at the Old Boat at Charlestown. Perhaps I'll see you there.

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