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Onan warn ugens (I think) 22/3/20

Good morning Facebook chums

Onan warn ugens (I think)

Today I'm inventing a new activity to keep me active and stimulated. When I receive unsolicited calls, in this time of thumb twiddling which some of us find ourselves in, I'm going to see how long I can make them last. I need some rules which you can help with. Things like announcing that

1. You may at any point during the exchange give false, even outlandish information.

2. At no point will you divulge payment details.

3. Or you don't explain the activity at all and let them work it out for themselves.

Whatever makes you chuckle.

The corona virus bit. Today I have for you a very interesting note written by a retired professor in Newcastle, Steve Hall. I'll post it later because I can't work out how to attach it here.

A thought crossed my mind (not a great distance for it to travel). What if some of what's going on is a set of enormous social experiments.

Simple experiment,

Question:- how can we test the resilience of our domestic food supply?

Action:- post 3 pictures on social media of empty shelves!

Outcome:- total retail meltdown!

Result:- not resilient........failure!

Now a more difficult experiment,

Question:- how can we find out how stupid the general population is?

Action:- post 3 pictures on social media of empty shelves!

Outcome:- total retail meltdown!

Result:- extremely stupid.......... another failure!

Now the challenging experiment,

Question:- How can we protect our elderly and vulnerable from a ruthless, rampaging, killer?

Action:- tell people to keep away from each other whenever possible.

Outcome:- retail meltdown and, well, other than that nothing really.

Result:- not well protected, people continue to be stupid.......yet another failure!

And the most challenging of them all,

Question:- how do we protect our overstretched health service in one of the poorest regions of Europe that also has a seriously elderly and vulnerable population?

Answer:- tell people to not make any unnecessary journeys, keep away from each other, not go to pubs, restaurants, clubs, not panic buy, not go to school .........

Outcome:- let's go to Cornwall for a Holiday

Result:- local resources put under even more strain, many more stupid people flood the locality...........abject failure!

Ho hum


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