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Poorly ur no?

I’ve said it before I’m sure, but there’s nothing good about being terminally ill although I suppose we’re all terminal and I still may not be the next to leave the party. Fortunately I qualify for some benefits and I’m not expected to work. I qualify for attendance allowance (which I really must apply for) and I can park on double yellow lines. Yippee. I’m no longer expected to attend my the doctor’s surgery the doctors attend to me. In the last 3 weeks I’ve has 3 different doctors visit a total of 4 times. All brilliant, all very informative and all uber professional. But the most recent doctor to visit knew he was visiting a poorly, terminal, patient. He knocked on the door as I was just finishing my lunch. I answered the door. I invited him in and he asked Tricia where he could find Neil. “I’m here” I interjected. He was expecting someone far more poorly.

That’s how much I’ve recovered! That’s how poorly I’ve been.

The burning question is, am I well enough to resume normal programming? Well the answer is; not quite. I’m afraid you’ll have to put up with the test card a little longer. For the next few days I’m not straying far from our plumbing felicities. And tomorrow I’ve a pretty important telephone consultation with the oncology team.

I’m hoping to get back to coffee at a café next week, fingers crossed.

Watch this space.

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