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Reason Gap and Mood Management

Don’t make any decisions when your mood just isn’t right. Don’t buy anything without giving it sensible thought. I recently heard if it’s less than a tenner buy it tomorrow if it’s more than a tenner buy it next week. The more you spend the longer the “reason gap” needs to be.

It took Tricia and I nearly 2 years to buy our motorhome. Admittedly we were being picky. It’s surprising how attuned our noses became to the smell of cigarettes and animals even if the seller tried to cover the smell with copious amounts of air freshener.

But delay often has it’s rewards. Eventually we found a motorhome that has suited both our needs perfectly. Tricia calls it Goldilocks because It's Just Right. I call it the motorhome because that’s what it is.

It’s the same when I’m writing my updates. I need to be in the zone, my mood needs to be right. Thankfully, generally, I'm in a mood to write. But not always. It seems I spend a significant amount of time on “mood management”. I walk a fine line between (cue The Proclaimers) misery and happiness. Sometimes I find solace in bed and the peace and quiet works wonders. I find noise really irritating I know some things are inherently noisy but I even find that difficult. I seem to be able to tolerate screaming grandchildren (inherently noisy), probably because they’re my grandchildren. Too much banging and crashing causes my mood to dip. Even smells can irritate me and impact my mood. I have no doubt I’ve challenged Tricia to find things to cook but she understands, better than anyone, what I can and can’t tolerate. I do, however, like the smell of cake, perhaps a bit too much.

I have also noticed, increasingly, that your mood is my mood. It’s a bit like yawning. If you start yawning eventually those around you will start to yawn. If you’re happy then in due course I become happy regardless of my starting point. Life is full of people who are either radiators or drains. Radiators radiate good things. Drains drain good things. Let’s all try to be our best radiators. When you’re being a drain stay away. We all know if our mood dips it's a temporary thing. Even when I’m in my deepest pit I know there’s a way out. I'm increasingly aware that when my mood dips it is dipping deeper and sometimes it’s harder to see the way out. When I was young and indeed all through my life I’ve described myself, when I’m not being my happy self, as “Down in the dumps". There’s probably a diagnosis and medication available now. Thankfully I was born in the 50s.

One thing I find difficult is when things don’t work out the way that was intended. It’s just as bad as people stealing my time by turning up late. I simply don’t have that much time left. I'm not about to postpone things or agree to doing that later. For me (cue Elvis) It’s Now or Never. I’d better get a Cornetto.

Joanna Lumley was recently credited with describing life as a party, only we don’t know when our taxi will arrive and we'll have to leave.

Well my taxi is arriving soon.

I’ve put a few things in my diary; tomorrow, Thursday 27th, Tricia and I are having coffee at Behind the Bike Sheds at Wadebridge. We’re not actually having coffee behind the bike sheds. The place is called Behind the Bike Sheds which is actually in front of the bike sheds. Confused? Me too! It’ll be simpler next week.

At half term we're grabbing some time with our grandchildren.

The main event in my diary is my birthday and surrounding events. The events are probably shrinking and going to be less party and more visiting times.

Also in my diary is our friends wedding at the end of July. Fingers crossed but that event comes without a guarantee.

I’ve also been invited to a Christmas Dinner at Carlyon Bay Golf Club. It’s OK I was on last year’s list. I graciously declined. I think we’re in miracle territory here.

I still have things to do. There are two jobs that are now beyond my capabilities. We’ve spoken to our friend and builder. Friend first, builder second. He’s going to make sure the jobs are sorted out. This is all a part of putting my mind to rest.

Another box ticked.

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