Rock Maze
  • Neil

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll

Let’s all go round to Neil and Tricia’s on Saturday night. They’re having a party. It’s gonna be wild. All a bit Ian Dury and they never run out of drink.

Woah!! Hold on to your horses a minute. It’s not going to be like that this time. Unfortunately those mildly debauched evenings are consigned to the past (and boy, have we got some stories). But not this Saturday, not this week. This time it’s going to be mild, yes I’m afraid I’ll reiterate that in capital letters. THIS TIME IT’S GOING TO BE MILD.

As for Sex & Drugs & Rock and Roll well, with regard to Drugs, I have a plentiful supply of medication which, I for one, will be popping through the day/s. Rock & Roll will probably be provided by a Makita Site radio and Google. As for Sex? ......... well that’s entirely up to you!

This week my medication is easing a bit. Last time, reducing my medication had a short term detrimental effect. So this week, I’m afraid, we’re not going to go all Prince and “Party like it’s 1999".

So whatever happens it’s going to be the resurrection of the Mild Bunch!

We have a few beers, copious coffee, probably some odd half bottles of spirits you can help dispose of. We can do tea bags, milk and sugar. We have containers to drink from, items to stir with and a dishwasher to wash dishes.

As not many of you are going to be here for the long haul, food is not on the menu. And of course Sajid Javid may yet have something to say!