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Still Walking, Maybe. My Perspective on the Eden Project.

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

So, with a new lockdown looming today I wake up after 8+ hours sleep feeling the best I've felt at this time in my cycle since I last went kayaking. That's a good feeling. I'm going to try a little walk this week I think. Maybe a couple of miles on Wednesday before lockdown reappears. I'm thinking an hour around the outer estate of the Eden Project. I'm not too sure if I can manage it. I'll confirm tomorrow afternoon if I'm going to have a go. Tomorrow I have some last minute stuff to attend to in St Austell like changing my phone contract and Tricia needs some stuff in Boots before trying to find some winter walking boots in Sports Direct.

Already this morning I've collected my last unit for the kitchen and later today or tomorrow I will change the main stopcock into the house. Still trying to keep up with the kitchen installation.

Some good news, is the laminate for the worktops has arrived so it could be worktops this week. Yippee.

I've been thinking. How's lockdown going to affect me this time. Well not very much really. Having brought up 3 girls we have never changed our toilet roll buying habits, we're always stocked up. Our fabulous walks need to be postponed.

My grandchildren can't visit although our childcare responsibilities are being called upon next Monday. More cuddles from Mila. On the subject of Mila, her birthday treat, lunch on Sunday at the Porthminster Beach Café is not to be.

One month is, thankfully, not too long. Let's hope at least our area comes out of this lockdown soon.

By the end of this lockdown at least the kitchen should be finished.

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