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Taking Grandad duties seriously

9 hours 10 minutes sleep. The Garmin Vivoactive 3 smart watch doesn't lie. Now that's motor homing for you.

Back in the Spring, following my surgery, I was lent 5 books, they were the Conqueror series. A series of novels by Conn Iggulden about Genghis Khan and his successors, set during the time of the Mongol conquest of the 12th and 13th centuries. I have to say a fascinating, sometimes gruesome read. The author's name rang a vague bell. Looking around my bookshelf (I must be the only person with a bookshelf that's not convenient to sit in front of during a zoom meeting) I found "The Dangerous Book for Boys" written by none other than Conn Iggulden with his brother Hal. It's made it's way into the motorhome. At the start of the book, page 1 no less, they describe the essential contents of a tobacco tin (if you can get your hands on such a tin). These contents consist of a Swiss army knife, a compass, a handkerchief, a box of matches, a taw, a needle and thread, a pencil and paper, a small torch, a magnifying glass, a couple of plasters and one or two fish hooks. Obvious really, but for boys, essential. Page 2 is titled "The Greatest Paper Plane In The World". There's 293 pages, I'm hooked.

Health Update; a bit sore from my implant but nothing to complain about and nothing in my diary. Well I do know a community nurse will visit after 3 pm on Monday, just don't know exactly when, I do know I'll be having my chemo on Friday, just don't know exactly when and I do know I'll have my pump removed next Sunday, just don't know exactly when. What I do know is I'm recovering from my first chemo, and the next one will be modified a bit to lessen the side effects although they will gradually get worse, something called cumulative toxicity.

Anyway today, after my long sleep, we met up with Abbi, Cal and the kids, wandered around a very busy Woolacombe, walked across the beach, paddled a bit, got soaked by a 2 year old who thought splashing granddad was a great idea before getting back to the motorhome for a sleep before dinner. Had a small cider at lunchtime and a vodka this evening. Things are looking up for a change.

Back to the tobacco tin, do you know what a taw is? A taw is one of those big marbles. Not any use but makes a nice noise in a tin.

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